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Things to know and FAQs

“How do I Book The Speakers?”

Very easily! You can fill out our enquiry form or send an email to

Give us as much information as possible, such as.

• The Date of the event.

• The Venue of the event.

  1. The Type of event.

  2. Your contact details... mobile phone number, landline etc. It is very important that you include a contact number so that we can contact you to discuss your requirements.

Or call us on 0330 555 3865 to get to us directly if you can’t wait to get in touch!

“How much does it cost to hire The Speakers?”

The cost depends on various details, such as

  1. Where the event is taking place and the distance to the venue.

  2. What time that band have to set up by.

  3. But our set up can always be adjusted to suit your event as we know that different events and venues require different requirements.

  4. Size of venue - If the room is large, ie - over 300 people, then we may have to take a larger PA system, so an additional fee may apply.

  5. So give the band a call and we’ll be more than happy to take you through your booking.

“How long do The Speakers play for?”

Usually the band play 2 sets.

  1. 1st set of 45 minutes

  2. 2nd set of 1 hour

Or we can play a straight-through of 1 hour 30 minutes if you only require us to play 1 set. This is usual for corporate events.

When organising the running order of your evening, please take in to consideration that when you think about what time the band should play. The later you leave the band to play, say 1st set around 9.30, the more people will dance! As at 7.30 for instance when your guests arrive, sober (!), putting us on playing a party set, at 8pm could be wasted as not many people would dance; as they’ve just arrived.

An option for an early start would be to have the band perform their swinging Rat-Pack set as your guests arrive and play our party set later on in the evening. This is a very popular option for the band! So please keep that into consideration when planning your evening. But please give us a call as we are very experienced at organising events and assisting on planning so please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Do you require more sets, not a problem, just let us know and we can give you quotes for different opttions.

“Where will The Speakers play?”

We’ll play anywhere! The Speakers will travel all over the UK, Europe and the World for gigs. In hotels, marquees, ballrooms, City halls, jazz clubs, night clubs, private houses... anywhere!

The band is based all over the North-West of England (Chester), but we cover all areas, including,

• Cheshire / Wirral

  1. North Wales

  2. Liverpool / Southport / Blackpool

  3. Manchester / Bolton / Wigan

  4. Birmingham / London / Dubai

  5. Everywhere and anywhere!

“Can we come and see The Speakers’ live show before we book them?”

We hold events at live music venues where potential clients, fans, (and drunken revellers!) can come and see our live show. Some events or festivals we play at are open to the public or ticketed events. These will always be shown on our gig guide.

Please check out our upcoming showcase events on our home page for more details.

Sometimes, as the band are very busy performing at Wedding and private events, and it may not be possible for you to come and see us before you book us, so please contact us and we can send out any promotional material we have, also check out our VIDEO PAGE to view our fully live demo video.

Many people book us without ever seeing us, especially as our available dates get booked very quickly and we often have many enquiries for the same date, we use a first come first served basis. And as our highly recommended reputation speaks for itself, and you can book in confidence knowing that you have booked the funkiest, most professional, and crowd pleasing band on the planet!

“What do The Speakers require at performances?”

• The band require a safe, secure, changing room at the venue (usually a conference room or                 bedroom at  hotels)

  1. A clean power supply, ideally 2 separate 13 amp ring mains. Most venues have this already, as we bring a top quality PA system, with fully digital mixing desk, a full lighting rig of PAR cans, and moving head lights, which draw quite a lot of power, but 2 separate rings eliminate any worries on our behalf about the PA tripping the fuses in the venue!

  2. A good area for the band to play, a staged or floor area of preferably at least 16ft x 12ft is ideal for the 6 piece band, but we will fit in most available areas in venues.

  3. Some refreshments at the gig, ie meals for 7 people. Usually access to the buffet, is perfectly adequate for 6 hungry musicians and 1 very hungry sound & light engineer!

  4. Most importantly, a fabulous audience that want to get funky and dance all night long to the coolest party band on the planet.

“Our venue has a ‘sound level meter’ can I still book The Speakers?”

Don’t panic... yes you can!

“Right, I want to book The Speakers, what happens next?”

Once you have contacted us, we have taken all of the details we need, given you a price etc. And you have confirmed that you want to book us then we will send you the contract, which has the necessary details on. Then you return the copies enclosed, and keep one for yourself, return your contract with a £250 deposit. And we’re done! All that’s needed is to pay that balance one week prior to the event as a BACS transfer and we’re all sorted!



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9 May 14 - The Speakers 6 Piece Band live @ DeBee’s in Winsford... get down!

5 Oct 14 - The Speakers will be exhibiting and performing at The Carden Park Weding Show 11am - 4pm